About Us

Pastor Wayne Bradley

Founder and CEO

Wayne Bradley is a man who accepts God’s will for his life. He describes himself as “a man who will always be a child — a child of God;” as such, he strives to listen to the voice, obeying the prompts of a God who moves, reveals and lives in him.

It wasn’t always that way.

In 1996, Wayne found himself in the midst of tragedy. His parents, Christina and Eugene Bradley, were brutally murdered. Grief and pain, left Wayne crushed and broken.  In his grief, Wayne denied his true self, loosing himself to addiction and homelessness. After eight years of darkness, he accepted God's grace and mercy into his life and was delivered from homelessness and addiction.

Answering God's call on his life, Wayne and his wife Jacqi started I CAN Celebration Ministries in 2008 with a vision to bring hope to the hopeless.  Pastor Wayne's powerful testimony of God's redeeming power guides the ministry.